Reproducible research collaboration & publication, minus the headaches.

Need to share your Jupyter Notebook with your supervisor
as a Word document for sign‑off? Easy peasy.

– OR –

How can Stencila Open help?

Seamless file conversion

Convert back-and-forth across file formats as needed so you can efficiently collaborate with every stakeholder.

Whether you need to work with researchers across teams who are using R Markdown instead of Jupyter Notebooks, or need your paper proofread in Word, Stencila can help facilitate it all.

/Open supports opening Markdown, Jupyter Notebooks, R Markdown, DOCX (Word), and Google Docs.

Sign in to convert between even more formats.

Preserve your code across formats

By embedding your source code inside generated figures and other outputs, we are able to maintain reproducibility throughout the entirety of the authoring lifecycle—even in formats that don’t traditionally support code elements.

You’ll never have to manually type out tracked changes from Word into your research paper again!

Multiple themes to style your manuscript

Instantaneously convert your manuscript into a delightfully readable, semantic and easy-to-share web pre-print.

The themes are written in CSS and, like all our work, are open-source. They can be changed based on your needs, and creating your own themes is a breeze.